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MD5WIN is graphical mode Windows program for computing and comparing MD5 digest strings for files and text strings.

Note: Please see the revison history below for the latest information about updates. Updates are published irregularly, and sometimes frequently, as bugs are found and fixed and enhancements are made and tested internally.


Unzip MD5WIN.zip into any directory of your choosing. Since MD5WIN.zip requires no support files, other than its help file, which is the accompanying Adobe PDF file, you may install it into any convenient directory. The program knows the name of the directory from which it was loaded.

Since the manual is accessible from within the program, you need only one shortcut, and both files may be installed onto a shared drive on a server.

User Manual

The MD5WIN user manual is an Adobe PDF document, which you may read on line. This is the very same file that is included in the binary distribution.


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License, anended as follows.

It is our desire that the source code form of this program shall be the basis for other useful work. To that end, we are prepaared to make exceptions to the GPL on a case by case basis. To request permission to use some or all of the source code in a derivative work which you intend to keep private, please contact the author at the address given in the accompanying user manual.

If you petition the author for a waiver of certain sections of the GPL, you can expect the request to be acknowledged and granted without fuss, so long as your approach and intentions are honorable, professional, and ethical, since the goal is to gain exposure and good will.

Source Code Availability

Because this program is licensed under the GPL and it is our desire that the source code shall be broadly beneficial, the source code is freely available here.

The source was built with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (coming as part of Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0, Service Pack 5) and the August 2001 version of the Microsoft Platform SDK, all installed on a Windows XP workstation.

Note that the MD5 digest of your build will differ from mine, even if you build it exactly "as is" because the copy that I published is signed with a code signing certificate issued by Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

File Description Date Size MD5 Digest
MD5WIN_Binary.ZIP Binary distribution 2005/07/11 21:15:58 105,701 3db0ba6bdf3e32b39aad838f422b5ac3
MD5WIN.exe WizardWrx MD5WIN executable program 2005/07/11 15:43:08 63,208 157ca58dbf6402d5ca3a44e2a6c63ed3
MD5WIN.PDF User Manual, in Adobe PDF format, compatible with Adobe Reader version 3.0 and later 2005/07/11 19:13:24 132,593 9f1e029dd5fd9f334fb408fcb7e7560a
MD5WIN_Source.ZIP Source code, including Project and Workspace files, for building with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/07/12 09:00:10 66,708 142756bf085d059b8e56aff5d07e1387


Date Version Change
06/27/2005 Initial version, shared only with beta testers.
06/29/2005 Second beta release.
07/11/2005 First fully operational, feature complete release.


David A. Gray, MBA, of Simple Soft Services, Inc., d/b/a WizardWrx.


© 2005-2006, Simple Soft Services, Inc., d/b/a WizardWrx. All rights reserved world wide.


As this package is freeware and is distributed in source code form, there is no formal support. However, if you have questions about how to use the MD5WIN binary or source code, or wish to engage us to write custom code, please contact us, and we shall answer your questions on a best efforts basis, or contact you to discuss your needs.

Download your free copy here.

The MD5 digest of this file is 3db0ba6bdf3e32b39aad838f422b5ac3.

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